–  Reservations must be made exclusively by telephone from Monday to Saturday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm calling +39 370 1146 287

– Jerry Thomas is a private club, membership is required

– The password to access the Speakeasy changes frequently…study it. To get it, you have to find the question HIDDEN in our homepage, answer…and will receive it via e-mail. Remeber to check the spam if you don’t receive any e-mail

– The Bartender is always right, his word is law

– It is forbidden to sleep on the tables, talking about politics and religion

– Speak Easy…

– Smoking is allowed with moderation

– The toilet is made to go one at a time…you know whay i mean!

– It is forbidden to take pictures with flash

– Do not call your friends…we’re not gonna let them in!

– We do not serve vodka


Thank You



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